Full Custom Bass Fretboards

Bass FB CNCFB 002 2018 09 10 1132.jpg
Bass FB CNCFB 002 2018 09 10 1132.jpg

Full Custom Bass Fretboards

from 70.00

We offer fully custom Fretboards. 

Price includes materials. Already have the wood you'd like to use? You can supply your own materials if they are the correct size.

Add this item to your cart, and you will be asked to fill out a detailed form with all of the specs we will need to design and machine your part.

Once purchased, we will contact you back shortly with any extra contact, billing, and shipping information you may need from us. 

If you’d like inlays and/or purfling slots cut in your Fretboard, let us know. We can get you a quote before or after you purchase your Fretboard here.

Some Custom Parts may take up to 2 weeks to process, design, and machine. 

Wood Selection for Bass Fretboards may vary from the options below. We will contact you if there are any discrepancies.  

Parts will arrive with minor tooling marks ready to sand. 

Wood Choice:
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