Linda Manzer - manzer Guitars

"There are a few aspects of making a guitar that could be tasked to a CNC machine. These jobs are either physically exhausting (rough carving a hard maple back) or require complete mechanical precision (tailpieces). My fear of getting outside help / CNC was always about losing the "vibe" of my work. It had to be done with soul and intuition. I decided this was never ever going to happen. Then I met Will Hylton. He gets what I am doing, communication is excellent, and he's pours all the soul and intuition that I irrationally expect from a machine, into the work he does for me. And because I can trust what he is doing 100%, it saves my arms and elbows, and leaves me more time and energy to fidget with the touchy-feely aspect of what I am doing. Thank you Will. "



Maegen Wells - Maegen Wells Guitars and Mandolins

"After I received my first batch of peghead overlays I was in love! Thanks to Will Hylton for being so patient with me and for all of your help designing this, I couldn’t have done it without you!!"


Galloup Guitars

"CNCFB has been a part of Galloup Guitars for over 10 years. It started out as way to increase production and accuracy on our own instruments and tooling, but slowly has become it's own entity inside the shop. Now, almost every aspect of a Galloup Guitar is run through the CNC department. We offer that same expertise to other builders, knowing full well that you will appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into your project."


Tyler Robbins - Robbins Acoustics

"Will helps me achieve new design goals on my instruments that otherwise might be too costly to peruse. The use of CNC technology frees up time to focus on tasks like the voicing of the instrument, and helps me explore new ideas. In addition to that, the use of accurately made tooling, that I know is going to put a hole right where it needs to be, is a game changer. Plus, the parts and tools are always precision made and of the utmost quality.  Thanks Will!"


C-0082 KF - FF Fb001 v001 - M - 2017 06 08 1338.jpg

Keisuke Fujii -Fujii Guitars

"I wanted a multi-scale fretboard with precision cut fret slots, so I turned to CNCFretboards to complete the task. The fretboard and service Will provided was perfect. Thank you!"


Peggy White - Peggy White Guitars

"I've had the opportunity to work with Will on my bridges for my guitars. There are certain jobs that I feel okay having someone else, or in this case, a machine do. Will was really helpful in implementing the new bridge design and was committed to getting it right. I always felt it was important to him that I was happy with the finished product. I look forward to working with Will, again, on future projects."